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There is a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of $35 that will be required of new clients when booking an appointment. That will go towards the services. But will be forfeited in event of a no show or less then 48 hour notice. If before 48 hours we can re schedule the appointment to another available date and time.

No Shows - If you do not show up for your appointment, you will be required to pay additional $45 for next appointment booked (this is to cover loss earnings for that appointment) along with $35 non refundable deposit fee towards for your next appointment. 

We ask clients to show up to appointments with no eye makeup. We have allotted time slot for each client. We are sure you do not want us to spending your time cleaning your lashes instead of applying them!

Foreign fills (fill on another artists work) can be done on work that is up to standard. There will also be a additional $30 charge on a outside fill, UNLESS your are from another Brand Ambassador or from a tech that had recommended me.

 Late Policy - For late appointments the appointment will still go on but no additional time will be given.

Please remember as an entrepreneur we only earn when we work.